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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What Matters Most

Part of the orientation program for new staff, the company gave me a pack of Personal Management Tool. If you're wondering what on earth it is, it's just a kind of thick organizer that contains plans and schedule, etc.. but a bit more, it also includes personal plans and mission tracking,.. such as defining vision, roles, the values that I have to hold on, etc. Hehehe... if I confuse you more while I tried to explain and make it simpler,.. you'd better check out the website of Franklin - Convey ( http://www.franklincovey.com/ ), my company implements this method, and I have to use it too. A good training indeed,... and one quote that I find it really cool :

- Often we don't use time to indicate what matters most, we don't see what the most important is.
- Because we don't see the most important, we treat everything as important.
- Because everything is important, we have to do everything.
- Unfortunately people see us doing everything, so they expect us to do everything.
- Since we have to do everything for people, we don't have time... to see what the most important is.

Some of you are in stress,... because of your project, organization, works, or other expectations that people put on you. After you read this,... spend few minutes to see everything from a new angle,.. things that you are busy with,.. which one is the most important ? What matters most ?

All the best for your study and works.


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